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INVESTMENT CRITERIA  For Private Company :

Growth Capital :

Company directly invests in companies with $3+ million USD of existing EBITDA and typically invest $3 to $50 million USD per transaction. Company is industry and geography agnostic and prefer emerging market companies. We evaluate industry prospects, management, and competitive position. Company often combine our investments with a direct listing on the Deutsche Borse or other exchange.

Early Stage Financing :

For companies with less than $3 million in existing EBITDA, the Pass Through Structure is often a good alternative for equity requirements of $3 to $50 million. We are industry and geography agnostic. Strong management, a proprietary niche, and appeal to potential strategic partners are critical elements. The Pass-Through Structure suits a private company that has noteworthy management or proprietary assets which seeks to raise capital without selling a controlling interest. The Pass-Through Structure places a publicly traded company in the middle between our investment and the private company. Thus our investment "passes through” the public entity to the private company. The public company should have a strategic interest in working with the private company and may be listed on any exchange worldwide. Cross border relationships are often the most effective for the public company relationship.

Direct Listing/IPOs :

We recommend a public listing for companies that can develop after market investor interest, which is the key to stock trading volume and liquidity. Investor interest can be generated firstly by investors who already know the company, secondly by investors who should know the company and lastly by momentum investors. This generally requires existing EBITDA of at least $3 million or advanced approvals for a biotech, strong management and a strong track record of delivering results. We are industry and geography agnostic.

Cash Out to Shareholders :

Company invest based upon a multiple of existing EBITDA and have completed over 30 small cap buy-out transactions on 4 continents. We are industry and geography agnostic, although focus on emerging markets and out of favor service and manufacturing industries. Company will buy from 51% or more at the seller’s discretion. We primarily invest in companies with transaction values of $20-$200 million. We specialize in orphaned non-core subsidiaries of corporate parents, existing small capitalization public companies lacking institutional support, and management-led recapitalization of entrepreneur-owned companies. Our small size and flat operating structure enables us to rapidly evaluate and close a transaction while minimizing disclosure.

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